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Cache Support of LaTeXing

One new feature of LaTeXing 0.8 is a cache function to improve the working speed with big projects. Here is a short summary of the major informations:


Name Content
doc.cache Result of texdoc command
pkg.cache LaTeX packages and classes, biblograpy styles
tex.cache TeX files
bib.cache Biblograpy files
bibsonomy.cache Bibsonomy data
citeulike.cache CiteuLike data
mendedely.cache Mendeley data
zotero.cache Zotero data


For you as user there is no change while writing LaTeX files but under the hood there are some changes. When you start Sublime Text, LaTeXing is fetching the existing cache data, this may take a moment depending on your cache size. The cache will be updated after every build but no more than every 5 minutes to keep the performance of the whole system high with huge cache files.


You can rebuild the cache informations, there are two different ways: a normal rebuild and a hard rebuild. The hard rebuild will delete all cache files and you can start from scratch. On the other hand the normal rebuild will just adjust the timestamps and execute a normal rebuild after a cache time out.

On a rebuild, for example the doc.cache, LaTeXing will check the documentation for every cached package again and if not available delete the item. For the tex.cache LaTeXing will check the cached files and if a file is not available any more this cache item will be also cleaned.